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Charitable Giving

Do you want to support the work of Westabou Montessori School? 

* $20 will pay for a pair of shoes for a child in need. 

* $75 will pay for fencing classes for a semester for a student. 

* $100 will pay for 4 research trips for elementary students. 

* $350 will pay for seeds for our garden for an entire year. 

* $750 will pay for breakfast, lunch and snack for a hungry kid for a year. 

* $5,000 will pay for partial scholarships for 5 children. 

* $10,000 will pay for a teacher to complete Montessori training for life. 

Want to make an even BIGGER impact?

With $35,000 we can purchase a new school bus for school trips.

With $100,000 we can upgrade our entire playground. 

With $1,000,000 we can begin a capital campaign to build a new school. 

With $10,000,000 we can build an entirely new school and campus to serve more families!

Click here to make a difference!
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