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We are now accepting applications for 2  through 15 year-olds for the 2023-24 school year. To learn more, please visit the "Admissions Process" page here

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis beginning in January for the following school year.

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  • Do you offer financial aid?
    In order to serve the needs of families in need and improve the quality of education for all the students in the area, WMS reserves approximately half its spots for families that are able to attend through a Scholarship and Sliding Scale Tuition Program. In order to qualify for our financial aid programs, a family must: Make request at time of application. Reside in Harrisburg or Laney Walker Neighborhoods.* Understand that the expectation is the child will be enrolled for the full 3-year cycle for the program to which they are applying. Be able to honor the financial commitments as required in the contract for their share of the tuition, based on a sliding scale. * If scholarships remain available after April, the Head of School may allow students outside of Harrisburg/Laney Walker to attend. Decisions are made based on proximity to the school, the child residing in a neighborhood with similar demographics, and the family's demonstrated commitment to Montessori principles and/or the Harrisburg/Laney Walker communities.
  • Is there a curriculum?
    Westabou offers a high-fidelity Montessori curriculum following AMI/AMS guidelines, which also meets all of the Georgia State Performance Standards for Education. This includes traditional subject areas such as mathemathics, science, history, language, etc., that are presented through an integrated approach that demonstrates the interrelatedness of all things. We also offer a full garden-based education program that is student led and managed, and we teach in a way that focuses on developing independence and self-motivation in children.
  • What ages do Montessori schools serve?
    Currently, Westabou Montessori has programs for Toddler Thyme (ages 2-3), Children's House (ages 3-6), Elementary (ages 6 -12), and Adolescent (ages 13-15). Montessori schools can serve children from 6 weeks through the end of high school. In the next few years, WMS plans to expand our programs to include infants.
  • How do children transition out of Montessori schools?
    The Montessori method creates children who are well adjusted, self-reliant, and able to work with and without others. Students who transition into non-Montessori environments usually adjust quickly to the new method and thrive.
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