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Montessori Education

At Westabou Montessori School, we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience to students from diverse backgrounds. Our Montessori curriculum is designed to empower students to take ownership of their education by allowing them to learn in their own unique way. Our students are encouraged to embrace freedom and responsibility, resulting in self-motivated learners who become active and engaged citizens of their community. With our focus on peace education, we help students develop empathy and a deep understanding of the world around them. Come and visit us today and experience the Westabou Montessori School difference for yourself!

Interested in becoming a Montessori Teacher? Learn more about training on the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and American Montessori Society (AMS) websites. Montessori teacher training is a graduate level program where you can receive your diploma in A to I (Assistance to Infancy, ages birth through 3), Primary (3-6 years), Elementary (6-12 years), Adolescent (12-18), or Elder Care. 

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