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Your Child Is in Great Hands


Westabou Montessori School is an intentionally inclusive school that focuses on values that promote social justice, peace education, and community enrichment. 

We follow the method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori to support and guide children in their holistic development.  When children are given the freedom and support to learn at their own pace, choosing activities that draw their interest, self-confident, inquisitive, creative children emerge.


We offer a world-class Montessori education program with beautifully curated classrooms, stellar educational programs, and a thriving family community. We are accredited through the Georgia Accrediting Commission and meet or exceed all state standards at all ages. All of our teachers are trained at the graduate level for K-9th grade and are also trained in positive discipline, ABAR practices, and trauma-informed care. 

We are one of the only Montessori farm schools that include students of all ages in our farm-to-school nutrition and education programs. Our students get to help plant, tend, harvest, and cook the hundreds of pounds of produce we produce annually in our organic garden. 

Some of the ways we work to help our community is to increase access to Montessori education for families who need us most. This could mean that they need financial assistance; it could also mean they have special needs that could be supported with a Montessori environment. Often, our families have experienced discrimination, trauma, grief and loss, or more. Our focus at WMS is to support families through whatever life brings and to help children thrive as they grow. 

Health & Safety

During the pandemic, Westabou Montessori School  operated under the guidelines of a special Health Care Guidance Committee composed of multiple physicians from a range of specialties whose children are enrolled as our students. We wore masks indoors, set up outdoor classrooms for learning and meals, screened all students and adults each day and had strict illness policies. With their help and the cooperation of all WMS families, we were able to participate in face to face education the entire pandemic and were fortunate to have no positive cases of Covid-19 on our campus. 


Our approach to health and safety in non-pandemic times is based on the understanding that children learn best when they get plenty of outdoor time, many opportunities to test and push their physical limits, and adults who help them find joy in movement. Students on our campus try tricky things — they climb trees, they build their own balancing structures, and they push themselves physically.  We make sure the environment is safe enough to ensure no one gets seriously injured, but we have a healthy respect for the inevitable bumps and scrapes that are part of a healthy childhood and keep a well-supplied first aid kit on hand for scrapes, splinters, and spills. 

We ask families to keep kids home if they have a fever, vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours or symptoms of any communicable rash or disease. 

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