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Mission, Vision and Values

toddler thyme students playing with bubbles


Westabou Montessori School is a registered 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization.

The mission of Westabou Montessori School is to increase access to world class Montessori education for families most in need. 

smiling child using Montessori manipulatives


We adhere to high standards for preparation. Our indoor and outdoor environments are beautifully  curated to spark the interest and advance the development of children at each child throughout the age range of our program. Our materials are real, of high quality, and meet the pedagogical criteria set by  Dr. Maria Montessori, which have been used worldwide with great success for over 100 years. 

We adhere to high standards of professionalism. In addition to undergraduate degrees, our lead guides all hold a diploma from the Association of Montessori International (AMI) or the American Montessori Society (AMS) for the levels at which they are  teaching. These are the internationally recognized gold standard for Montessori teachers. In addition to education, all the staff at our school are trained in trauma-informed care, CPR/First Aid, and Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist Educational Practices.

* We are committed to teaching honest history, centering multicultural narratives, and embracing respect and acceptance of all people. ​Our teachers follow the Social Justice Standards of Learning for Justice, a program of the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as Howard Zinn's Honest History Pledge. 

We are a transformative community for young children, where they actively engage their bodies, minds,  and wills to become the best versions of themselves. 

We are an inclusive community. We are intentionally inclusive with respect to ethnic background, socio economic status, capacity, beliefs, and family composition. We try to balance our classrooms with  respect to age, gender, and capacity to achieve an environment where each child may develop his/her fullest potential.  

We are an empowering community. We foster the capacity of each child to engage his/her individual  attention toward productive ends, thereby fostering a peaceful school environment and planting seeds for  a more peaceful world. Our educational programs help people in our community  improve their skills enabling them to help foster more confident, secure, and capable children. 

We respect nature. We spark a love of the natural world through our outdoor education programs and  strive to help each child to understand the natural world, his/her place within it, and to promote good  awareness and stewardship of resources. 

focused child with picture of Earth


Respect, Rigor, Curiosity, Independence, Inclusivity, Diversity, and Joy 

toddler thyme teacher showing planet to students
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