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Educational Programs

Westabou Montessori School serves children age 2 through 15. These classrooms are divided into classes by age groups.

* 2 year olds are part of our Toddler community (Toddler Thyme Room). 

* 3-6 year olds are part of our Children's House community (Sage and Basil Rooms).

* 6-9 year olds are part of our Lower Elementary community (Lavender Room). 

* 9-12 year olds are part of our Upper Elementary community (Lemongrass Room). 

*12-15 year olds are part of our Adolescent Program community (Bergamot Room). 

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Scholarship Programs

Westabou Montessori School offers a variety of financial aid programs, including a sliding scale tuition program, tax credit partial scholarships, and charitable scholarships. These financial aid opportunities are offered as part of the admissions process and are made possible through grants, donations, fundraising events, and tax credits. 

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Auxiliary Programs

Westabou Montessori School has a variety of programs that supplement or enhance our education and family programs. Some of these include:

* Garden-based, Scratch-Made Nutrition Program

* Opt-in extracurricular activities (fencing, swimming, art, etc.)

* Community Enrichment program (educational programs for adults and families)

* Organic Garden programs for all ages

* Family Support Services Program

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